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pdrunning Aug 2, 2019 10:22:09 AM UTC modified on Aug 5, 2019 7:36:49 PM UTC

after 17km running 0 km upoad

The app registert 1-8 a 17km run after during 1h 25min. After upload distance 0km in the 'app log' and online on the rungps site 0km. Very strange.
Using S9+. Wednesday 31-7 everything was perfect.

(The 2nd training shown on the rungps site is a manual upload from from that same training recorded with my Endomondo app.)

5-8-2019: problem solved
Stofffuchs Jul 26, 2019 6:40:18 AM UTC

After the Upload the loged Tracks was only half the distance

When I finished my walk the software showed 21 km and 1500 kcal. Now after upload there is only half the way logged and the app and this portal showed only 9 km. The log ended at may turn around point when I startet to go the same way back. IAM very disappointed.

I noticed that app and portal show 2 rounds but I did not make rounds . One round is 9 km and the other one 0 km.

Untrusting was when I reloaded the training in the app, it showed correct in the logbook. But after loading it was only 9 km. Now it showed the wrong 9 km in the loading option , too.

Did I something wrong or sucks that software. How get I the foll training back?

During walk I have voice information on and it was definitely korrekt. When I finished it had have 21 km and showed me the complete way on the map.

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