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FredC 14.01.2018 14:09:07 UTC geändert am 14.01.2018 14:11:39 UTC

Generic navigation with RunGPS

I am using the RunGPS app Trainer Full for navigation instructions via earphone. It's really great and I run easily trails based on the instructions for more than 25km without having to look on the screen area's where I have never been before I can really rely on Run GPS.....I create the routes on Strava and Run GPS make a perfect spoken navigation from this....GREAT !!!!!! THE invention for trial-runners in unknown areas :-)......By the way I am using Samsung A5...And funny....If you accidently get off the track, after 25 mtr you hear a ping, that you are off the planned route....amazing....Even works if you don't have a mobile network data connection...
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