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abnonta 03.04.2018 19:16:22 UTC


It's working again!
abnonta 19.11.2017 22:51:32 UTC

for me too

since a few weeks the dropbox sync doesn't work for me too
fred.necke 14.11.2017 20:32:12 UTC

Dropbox upload still broken

I fetched my old phone that used to run Run.GPS perfectly. When I went for a jog and then uploaded to Run.GPS and Smashrun perfectly but Dropbox "Unknown error".
I created a new Dropbox account and signed in with Run.GPS. It created the Apps\Run.GPS Full\ directory with the correct permissions but still no upload of data file.

Can anybody upload to Dropbox with Run.GPS or is it just my 2 phones that are broken?
fred.necke 08.11.2017 14:24:03 UTC geändert am 09.11.2017 14:51:08 UTC

Broken DropBox synch

I had to upgrade the Android v4 to v6 on my phone, re-install Run-GPS from Playstore and copied my /Android/data/de.esymetric.rungps_uv_full/files/Run.GPS directory from my backup.
Synch to Run.GPS and Smashrun works fine, very happy. Everything worked except DropBox synch. Error "0 out of 39 trainings have been uploaded (31 failures). Only new or changed trainings are uploaded"

I deleted App Data (Android settings >> Apps >> Delete data)
I re-installed Run.GPS from Playstore to Android phone.
I deleted the link to "Run.GPS Full" directory in DropBox website.
I removed <dropboxAccessToken>####</dropboxAccessToken> from User.xml and re-linked Run.GPS to DropBox.

Can anybody give some advice?
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