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admin 06.01.2018 18:30:07 UTC

Unfortunately the Google Earth plugin has been discontinued :-(

Therefore, it's not possible any more to display 3D directly in the browser. Only way is to install Google Earth and open a route or training KML file there :-(
Wuschel_ 01.11.2017 19:08:54 UTC

Browser is Firefox.
Google Earth Plugin needed?
sonja 30.10.2017 17:15:35 UTC

I have the same problem in the route planer: when I want to run the track in 3D, I just get an empty window and it doesn't do anything.
Gen-XR 20.10.2017 17:25:49 UTC

Play in 3D simulator doesn't open correctly as it used to.

When I click on Play in 3D (in "Actions" on a training page) the simulator window opens and nothing happens.
I tested in Chrome and in IE. I used to play trainings in 3D some time ago without any problems. Does it require Java installed? If so, is there any update in mind for not relying on Java?
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