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abnonta 08.07.2017 18:12:00 UTC

@henzel: I did an upload from the App to Dropbox today with "Sync to portal " -> Dropbox. It's synchronizing all trainings I have on the phone :)
unfortunatley the older trainings (I use run.gps since 2008) cannot be uploaded like this; I have them on the website only and not on the phone
henzel 19.03.2017 21:16:10 UTC

Any news? I still would like all of my trainings uploaded to dropbox, without doing it one by one.

pdo65 07.09.2016 12:48:08 UTC

Is there any news about this discusion?
pdo65 26.08.2016 10:45:37 UTC geändert am 26.08.2016 10:54:53 UTC

Yes, this would be great if you can also upload all trainings to your Dropbox account!

And perhaps even as FIT files uploaden to Dropbox?
admin 26.08.2016 09:15:00 UTC

Currently the logic behind this is that we search only the past three months for unsynced trainings, because it would take too long to scan all trainings. Maybe we can change this so on the first sync run all trainings are scanned.
henzel 25.08.2016 18:17:11 UTC

Old trainings to dropbox?

Tapiriik is great with Run.GPS <-> Dropbox support! Thanks for that!

However, I have more then 1000 trainings collected in past years which are not uploaded to dropbox. Would be great if I could upload them all to dropbox...
Or even just one-by-one. Like -> Actions -> Upload to Dropbox. Something like that? (so the ones you really like or proud of, are on Dropbox and can be shared).

Would be a great service.
kraymer 07.07.2016 07:49:09 UTC

+1 for direct Strava support

admin 21.05.2016 13:13:30 UTC

From Run.GPS to Strava should work:

Run.GPS >> Run.GPS automatic Dropbox sync (Configuration >> General Settings) >> Dropbox >> >> Strava

This will work if Strava supports importing from Tapiriik. Maybe it only writes to Tapiriik - I don't know.

Vice versa is not possible as far as I know.
wodge80 20.05.2016 23:16:24 UTC

Is it possible for Run.GPS to consider workouts to automatically upload to our Strava accounts, and also vice-versa, Strava workouts update to Run.GPS account?
Thank you
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